Super Night Show

Monday November 30 2020 in Shisha Cafe, Pune, India
Start: 1:00 PM

"Jazz is something you have to feel, something you have to live.” - Ray Brown

An Annual 'International Jazz Festival' which will be held at Shisha Café

The Venue: The Shisha Cafe, Pune

Monoswezi is a trans-national music collective composed of Hope Masike, Calu Tsemane, Hallvard Godal, Putte Johander, and Erik Nylander. The band's name is a portmanteau from the first few letters of the members’ respective nationalities: Mozambique, Norway, Sweden and Zimbabwe

The Exorcisim of a Spinster – MuregereGombaIdengaKune MumweMbira YanguNditumei - The CallingNdoitaseiTonanairaWateme Tsanga (Interlude)Yenzera (Interlude)Dreams of DandeZunde