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The first music video from the 2019 Album Exorcism of A Spinster: IDENGA - A celebration of the heaven that is our love when it's just you and me! Idenga is Shona for 'it's heaven'.

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Hope Masike is a sensational Zimbabwean singer-songwriter, mbira player, dancer, fine artist, and advocate.

However, she is best known for her sizzling voice, mesmerising mbira playing and her role in the popularisation of modern mbira. She has done this in many ways but her most recent venture is her 'Mbiracentric concerts'. In these concerts she collaborated her mbira sound with different bands in different music styles; Mbira and Hip Hop, Mbira and Jazz, Mbira and Sungura and all that jazz.

Musician Hope Masike is commonly known for her singing and mbira playing. Her captivating, playful and experimental vocal skill plus her sound of modern mbira playing have earned her the title 'Princess of Mbira'.



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